“Happy Christmas Eve”

Reporting from a fancy office with free beer, central London…

Bet Chat HQ is many things – an office, a home, a place of alcohol fuelled debauchery – but today and tomorrow it’s something rather more surreal…

It’s none other than (SPOILER ALERT) the location of this year’s Tesco Christmas advert!

Slightly bizarrely, of the 29million homes in the UK, it’s the home of this often grumpy (albeit reasonably so – see here, here and here) sports betting publisher, that has been deemed to truly encompass the spirit of Christmas.

As I type, the location crew are currently decorating the flat in preparation for filming tomorrow and, come December time, you’ll all be able to see where the Bet Chat magic happens, courtesy of your TV set.

You’ll even be able to see the exact spot where Bet Chat Bec downed a can of lager in 8 seconds (video footage of which is being held back for our own Christmas advert).

So, I guess the question now is…

How am I going to be able to sneak an ad for the Bet Chat into the set background?!

Send your suggestions in to clients@thebetchat.com and I’ll get to work this evening.

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