The Sunday Scoop 🍦

If there’s one thing guaranteed to improve our investing skills, it’s reading as much as possible about the field that we want to be proficient in.

For me, that field is obviously cryptocurrency and so, each Sunday, I share some articles of interest that can help to improve your understanding of cryptos and, ultimately, help you make more money from them!

I also try to ensure that there’s a mix of content for beginners, pros and everyone in between.

🍦 Speaking of beginners, are you still confused about what the glob blockchain actually is? Here’s an explanation:

🍦 Up to speed? Excellent. Others who are getting up to speed are the people at Wells Fargo. Earlier this week they announced they are to onboard an active cryptocurrency strategy. You can read the news report here.

🍦 That aside, it’s been a choppy week for crypto due in large part, it seems, to the Twitter mutterings of Elon Musk (seriously, can’t we just ban Twitter already?!) After talking Bitcoin down, he later ‘clarified’ that Tesla are not going to be selling their holding. Just what is he up to? There’s more here.

🍦 Will Elon get any bad karma for his market manipulation? Michael Burry from ‘The Big Short’ certainly thinks so. Read all about his latest gamble here.

🍦 Lastly this week, let’s check in with the Crypto with Kash members and see what they make of it all…

Are they worried? Are they ‘eck! Cryptos are on sale right now, and if you want to take full advantage, you can get my buy recommendations here.

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