The Sunday Scoop

If there’s one thing guaranteed to improve our investing skills, it’s reading as much as possible about the field that we want to be proficient in.

For me, that field is obviously cryptocurrency and so, each Sunday, I share some articles of interest that can help to improve your understanding of cryptos and, ultimately, help you make more money from them!

I also try to ensure that there’s a mix of content for beginners, pros and everyone in between.

🍦 Speaking of beginners, there’s been a lot of chat about them recently but WTF is an NFT? Find out here.

🍦 Next up is a double bill on CBDCs. What are they exactly, and how will they affect the crypto space? Watch this video to find out.

🍦 In good news for Ether holders, the ex-head of China’s Digital Yuan Effort says that CBDCs could operate on the Ethereum platform. Here’s the full story.

🍦 You could say such a thing would be ‘out of this world’ for said holders and Ether will soon be exactly that, as SpaceX are planning to send an Ethereum node to the International Space Station! Check it out here.

🍦 And, last but certainly not least this week, it’d be remiss of me not to mention that my latest recommendation newsletter is now out for Crypto with Kash members. If you’d like to join the group and find out what my latest tip is (plus all previous ones) just click this link.

That’s all from me for today. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and I’ll be back in your inbox in a few days’ time.

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