The Sunday Scoop

If there’s one thing guaranteed to improve our investing skills, it’s reading as much as possible about the field that we want to be proficient in.

For me, that field is obviously cryptocurrency, but I know that for you it could be a huge number of different areas and so, each Sunday, I share some articles of interest that can help to improve your understanding of some of these areas and, ultimately, help you make more money from them!

I also try to ensure that there’s a mix of content for beginners, pros and everyone in between.

🍦 NFTs are all the rage right now and even Visa are getting involved, parting with a whopping £110,000 for this piece of ‘art’.

🍦 Also throwing his hat into the NFT ring is Lionel Messi. News of a new collection based on the Argentinean superstar can be found here.

🍦 In more contentious art related news, the baby in Nirvana’s iconic Nevermind album cover is no longer a baby and he’s suing for child sexual exploitation. A genuine claim or just after a quick buck? Read this and make up your own mind.

🍦 Back to crypto and the hacker who made off with $600million of Poly Network funds has now returned the loot. Check out the final twist in a strange story here.

🍦 Last but certainly not least, my latest crypto coin recommendation is now out and, given how well the recent ones have been performing, I strongly recommend any budding investors snap it up as soon as possible!

You can access to that, plus the rest of my portfolio, by clicking this link.

That’s all from me for now. Have a lovely Sunday.

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