The Sunday Scoop

If there’s one thing guaranteed to improve our investing skills, it’s reading as much as possible about the field that we want to be proficient in.

For me, that field is obviously cryptocurrency, but I know that for you it could be a huge number of different areas and so, each Sunday, I share some articles of interest that can help to improve your understanding of some of these areas and, ultimately, help you make more money from them!

I also try to ensure that there’s a mix of content for beginners, pros and everyone in between.

🍦 We start with crypto and news of Bitcoin breaking back above $50,000. After a market crash a couple of months ago, the rally is now well and truly on. Drink it in here.

🍦 Next up is the story of the silent partner brought in to clean up Facebook. Good luck with that! Here’s the story.

🍦 Whether we like it or not, technology is going to become more and integrated into people’s lives and now, some US states have decided to accept driver’s licenses on iPhones. BBC News has more.

🍦 And speaking of tech, Tesla have decided to make a robot because “robots are coming anyway”. Did these people learn nothing from the Terminator films?! Click here to discover exactly how humanity will meet its end.

🍦 Finally today we loop back round to crypto with the news that certain coins are putting even the Bitcoin rally to shame…

110% gain

50% gain

150% gain

75% gain

80% gain

210% gain

400% gain

Those are the current figures at the time of writing for seven of the coins in my Crypto with Kash portfolio. Want to find out exactly what they are and how to get yourself a slice of the profits?

Click this link now.

That’s your lot for today. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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