It’s podcast time!

We’re always keen to create new free content for you here at Market Prospectors and our latest project is the Crypto with Kash Cast, a weekly podcast with… you guessed it… our crypto expert, Kash!

It’s available in both video and audio form and we’re keeping the episodes bitesize, at around 20 minutes, so that you can even consume our crypto content on the go.

Episode Three is available on YouTube above and covers:

✅ Meme coins and how much you should or shouldn’t invest in them

✅ The metaverse and why Facebook are going big on the idea

✅ Whether exchanges actively block transactions during sell-offs

✅ A recap of the Crypto With Kash strategy

✅ And, last and definitely least, how to pronounce DOGE!

If YouTube’s not your thing then you can also get this episode (and all future episodes) on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or even Soundcloud.

Episode #007 Crypto With Kash Cast

We’re back this week with Episode 6 of Crypto With Kash Cast! This week we're covering… 1. What to do when the crypto market crashes (like now!) 2. Should you set stop losses for coins that are down? 3. How to make passive income from crypto 4. What are sidechains like Polygon and how do you get money onto them? For details on how to sign up to Crypto With Kash, click here: You can also get this episode (and all future episodes) on… Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Soundcloud: And don't forget to follow us! Facebook: Twitter:
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I hope you enjoy episode three and, if you have any questions for future episodes (or feedback for this episode), you can leave a comment on YouTube or send it to

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