Let’s start from the top…

I live and breathe football and let me tell you, the game has changed. Not football per say but gambling. Why is that you ask? The answer – Football Index.

You like betting, right? Like fantasy football? Like football, full stop? Well if you do you will love Football Index just as much as I do.

I’ve been on the platform for years now, I’ve made a substantial profit from it and continue to do so today (even as I write this).

So, why do I love it so much and what’s my background? Well, let’s start at the beginning…

I’ve always loved football ever since I was a kid and my idols included Bryan Robson and Maradona (apart from when he scored that famous handball!). I remember the Mexico 86 World Cup and players like Hugo Sanchez for Mexico, Michael Laudrup for Denmark, Michael Platini for France.


Me and my older brother used to watch the highlights of the World Cup over and over again and then go outside on a local field and play football until we could no longer see the ball. 

This was my earliest memory of my love for football. Collecting the Panini sticker book for that World Cup was also a highlight.

I have loved the game ever since and support Manchester United (the Bryan Robson link helped as he was my favourite player and we share the same birth date, but not year!).

I’ve also played Saturday league football, Sunday league football and won many trophies and medals for my efforts. I stopped playing a couple of years back after winning the local 5 a side league. 

Basically, I’ve lived and breathed football all my life since I was old enough to kick a ball.

You just don’t get thrills and spills like you do in football. As Sir Alex Ferguson said “football, bloody hell”.

I’ve done my fair share of traditional betting over the years and have over 25 years’ experience. However, I no longer bet on traditional betting since discovering and learning about Football Index, a platform where you don’t bet on results but where you buy players – like stocks and shares – and profit when their value increases.

One of the things I liked about betting is the entertainment side; you know what I mean, adding matches to the FlashScore app and getting notifications that there’s been a goal from your team, watching Sky Sports hoping the last team in your accumulator gets that winning goal. Well with Football Index you still get that thrill but also much, much more.

I have also played Fantasy Premier League for about 10 years now and used to be a big Football Manager fan before life got in the way (you can’t have both!).  As a result, I know most teams and players around the globe (betting on obscure leagues as well, like Latvia, Malaysia etc also helping on that front). Since joining Football Index my knowledge of world football has grown even more and I watch hours and hours of football each week scouting players.

Naturally, this helps me find more obscure players on the platform before their big breakthrough thus enabling me to buy low and sell high.

I joined Football Index in 2017 and never looked back. I actually discovered it when I was looking into traditional stocks and shares and an advert popped up on Facebook (ads aren’t always annoying!). I thought I would download it and see what it’s all about. After reading the rules and how it all worked, I was hooked and never looked back.

I’ve made consistent profits since I started my Football Index journey and the only way is up. With years of experience on the platform I’m maximising my profits every day.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the platform as much as I do and enjoy profiting from football like never before.

As I said at the start, the game has changed.

Happy trading.

Adam runs the Football Index Investor football tipping service and you can try it out risk-free by clicking this link.