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“It’s time to open your present…”

Reporting from Bet Chat HQ, south-west London…

It’s my birthday today and, while I may not be overly enamoured by the ageing process, what that does mean is I have an excuse to launch the most special of special offers…

So, here it is…

From right now… until Saturday October 31st…

Every single Bet Chat product and service is half price to new members!!

The Fan Favourite

Andrew says: “This is my favourite service ever”.

Mike says: “I like that it doesn’t rely on the whims of bookies and accounts don’t get restricted.”

David says: “Absolutely a brilliant community to be involved in, great banter and comradery. Very knowledgeable and have my full trust in Adam and Josh.”

Pete says: “Adam’s knowledge of who he’s picking… some of these players I’ve never ever heard of. Next thing you know, they’re winning match day rankings. And you think wow, where did that come from?”

These are all current members of this service and, for the next 10 days, you can try it half price.

The Critics’ Choice

Adam Cheng is our professional fixed odds football bettor, and it’s fair to say he has the independent betting reviewers smitten.

To give his service a try for half the usual price, click here now.

The No Brainer

Tips from this service were given away for free in September and they delivered a profit of £105.95 to £25 stakes…

Right now, with the special birthday discount, you can get them for the rest of the season for a one off fee that works out at £1 a week!

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth – click this link and order now.

The Big One

With a whopping 15 profitable strategies, and winning bets already landed at 50/1 and 100/1 since launch, it’s no surprise this has proved popular.

But right now, good has become great, as my birthday promotion means that you can secure your copy at a HUGE £123.50 discount!

It only applies until the 31st however, so buy it now or lose it forever.

I know times are tough right now…

And that’s exactly why I wanted to do something a little special for you.

You may think that a betting service isn’t something you want to be spending money on during a pandemic, but each and every one of the above have delivered a significant profit since we launched the Bet Chat in February and, with the half price discount, you can now take advantage of that yourself at the lowest possible price.

Oh, and I should also mention that all previous money back guarantees remain in place, so you get the cheaper initial price PLUS added risk-free options.

This isn’t an offer I plan to run again, so do take advantage if you can.

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