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Our 14-day guarantee

What follows are the Guarantees provided by Market Prospectors Limited. Please read them carefully and retain them for future reference.

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Our 14 Day Money-Back Promise


If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you may cancel your subscription within 14 days and claim a full refund.

After this period no pro-rata refunds will be issued. If you wish to cancel your next payment due you may do so at any time.

The money back guarantee offer is only valid on the first occasion you sign up to the service.

Confirmation of Your Order


Please note that you will be sent an ‘Order Receipt’ email confirming receipt of your order within 24 hours. This email will NOT contain the payment details supplied by you.

In the event of any non-authorisation of your payment, a customer services representative will contact you by telephone (if you have supplied your number) or by email to check the details you have supplied, and re-try the authorisation process. Again, if we contact you by email, our correspondence will not contain any payment details.



Market Prospectors positively encourages emails about our products and services.


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