Part Four: The Invitation

Over the course of a four part series, I’m doing something a little bit different and running through a highly profitable betting strategy with you…

To access ‘Part One: The Hypothesis’, click here. To access ‘Part Two: The Results’, click here. To access ‘Part Three: The Bookie(s)’, click here.

First up, I promised you video proof of my results, so here it is:

How to follow my bets

Once I came to the conclusion that I had a successful and sustainable strategy, I thought long and hard about the fairest way for you to join me (should you want to of course!) and I came up with something that we’ve never done before.

Here it is:

  • To join my group, which gives you selections sent by email (around 3 a week) and access to a members only Telegram group, will cost you a one off fee of just £1.
  • As this strategy – like with any higher odds strategy – has losing runs, you won’t ever pay a single penny for a losing bet. There are NO renewal payments with this.
  • What I will charge is £10 for every winning bet at odds of 4/1 or bigger. I may occasionally put out a shorter odds selection and, when I do, this will be on the house, win or lose.
  • The £10 will be payable two working days after the bet is settled, to give you time to withdraw any winnings.

My thinking here is essentially two-fold…

  1. I’m very aware that the Covid situation is having an adverse impact on the finances of many, so I didn’t feel like a traditional subscription service was right for this. By only charging for winners, you essentially pay nothing up front and will always be in clover when you have to make a payment.
  2. Here at the Bet Chat we pride ourselves on being fair and transparent, and what’s more fair and transparent than being paid purely based on performance!

In terms of the £10 fee I feel that, given the track record, this is very fair. £10 stakes would have made you around £1000 profit with 9 winners, so you would therefore have paid £90 for those winners and nothing for the losers. That means, after fees, you’d have still made more than £900 profit.

Furthermore, if £10 is more than you are comfortable placing on a bet, even at £5 stakes you would have made around £500 profit, which would be £410 profit after fees.

I feel like this should therefore be accessible and profitable for virtually everyone.

My guarantee

Of course, I do realise that sometimes life gets in the way and you may be unable (or even unwilling) to place a particular bet….

Therefore, if you don’t place a bet and it wins, you can claim a full refund of the £10 fee, no questions asked. All you’d need to do is email me at the usual address.

Now, clearly trust goes two ways here. If you request refunds after every winner but also remain subscribed to the group, I may politely suggest that you are unsubscribed. However, I don’t expect that to happen – you’re a Bet Chatter, so you’re obviously a good, honest person ?

Feedback and questions

As I’ve said, this is something we’ve never done before so I’m very keen to hear any feedback or questions (that’s part of why we also have the members only Telegram group, which you will receive a link to when you sign up).

I’m very much open to tweaking things should somebody present an idea that others like the sound of.

To contact me with your thoughts, email clients@thebetchat.com.

Get your name down for this weekend’s acca(s)

To pay your £1 joining fee and get on the list in time for this weekend’s accas just click this link.

That takes you to a page which includes the four articles I’ve sent out this week, plus the profit video, so feel free to skip past that and scroll straight down to the bottom of the page where you can enter your contact details.

I’m really excited about this and am very much looking forward to making another 100 points profit alongside you and our fellow Bet Chatters.

Join the club here.

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