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The secret to turning pro

In a moment I’ll reveal the Secret of Professional Betting…

This secret is the basis of all lasting betting success and if you accept it with open arms it will form a solid foundation for your future activities as a knowledgeable bettor.

This one secret is responsible for the wealth of all successful professional bettors without exception. 

Without it, you can never hope to join the elite 2% of the betting public who consistently make money visiting the Aladdin’s Cave of the betting industry. 

With it, you can start betting small and, within a moderate period of time, you can start making an average of £500, £1,000, £2,500, £5,000 or even £10,000 per month.

Make no mistake, the Secret of Professional Betting is incredibly powerful… 

Not because it eradicates losing – nothing can – but because it helps you to accept losing as inevitable some of the time, and to not become disheartened by it.

The secret is this:


And yes, it is that simple!!

Don’t be fooled by that simplicity – if you think the simple things in life can’t be the most important, try and spend a day without saying the word ‘the’. 

The fact that this IS so simple is why it’s so important; it has so many far-reaching implications and, by giving it due care and attention, you can totally revolutionise your approach to your current betting activities and therefore their profitability.

The truth of the matter is this: in order for you to emulate, and eventually join the ranks of the professional bettor, you must begin to act like one. 

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘if you pretend to be something for long enough, you will become it’ before…

Think about it; if you follow the same processes, make the same decisions, and bet exactly the same as the professionals, eventually you will become one. And that’s the key word in all of this – ‘professional’.

Imagine for a moment that you are thinking of starting your own business…

Before you actually ‘set up shop’ you would spend many hours over weeks and months, planning the venture in minute detail. 

You’d want to know the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the companies which could help your business succeed: suppliers, wholesalers, advertising agencies and the rest. 

You’d need to be secure in the knowledge that you’re adequately qualified for the business you intend to run. 

And last, but by no means least, you would need to know how much your business would cost to set up and also how long it would be before it began to show a healthy profit.

The Secret of Professional Betting implies that all the above considerations are equally relevant to professional betting. 

To succeed, you can’t view your betting as a frivolous (and often expensive) hobby. Instead, you need to treat it as a serious, and potentially lucrative business, in its own right.

With that in mind, you must make certain preparations before you begin your betting business…

You must find out which companies, organisations and publications will help you in your quest for betting success (hopefully they’ll include this one!). 

You must be secure in the knowledge that you have the necessary skills to be a successful professional or semi–professional bettor, especially when it comes to discipline. 

And finally, you must give some thought to the amount of capital you require to begin your betting business and also how long it will be before your venture begins to make the amount of money you require on a regular, consistent basis.
Professional bettors aren’t mythical beasts – they’re simply people who treat their betting activities as a legitimate business in its own right…

Because they look upon betting as being such a serious venture, they never make rash decisions based upon greed or emotion. Every bet they make is made because they believe it offers VALUE for money. 

Adhering strictly to this principle ensures that they will successfully make a profit over the medium to long term – despite having losing bets! 

This idea of value is also fundamental to your success but that’s a story for another day. 

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