– Football Index Intelligence –

As this is a very different type of betting service, it can’t be measured with a simple profit/loss track record. Instead, I’ve put together two documents.

The first is a list of the completed trades. These are players that we have bought and subsequently sold. You can view it here.

The crucial columns in this spreadsheet are the percentage stake and the ROI (Return On Investment).

The second document shows the dividend yield for our current portfolio players. This is the percentage of the players’ value that we’ve made from dividends alone…

So, for example, if the cost of the player was £50 and the dividend yield is 50% that means we’ve made £25 on that player purely from dividends. These dividends are credited as cash and, of course, are on top of the money you can make when selling the player (often at a higher price than you’ve bought him at, to add even more lovely profit!)

You can view all the yields here.