About Us

Here at Bet Chat we:

  • Maintain and regularly update track records in a public space which you can view and ask questions about at any time. 

  • Openly invite chat, feedback and constructive criticism via our free Telegram channels. 

  • Provide email support from the actual people behind the company, rather than call centres in third world countries.

  • Offer ‘no questions asked’ refund policies on any and all subscriptions we sell. 

  • Work with tipsters with genuine expertise (a former professional odds compiler and a winning racehorse owner are just two such examples).

As for contacting us, you can reach us on:

  • Email: clients@thebetchat.com (best for general or customer service queries)
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Telegram (best for speaking to a specific tipster or interacting with other Bet Chatters)
  • Or of course by leaving a comment on any of our website articles

That’s all from us for now but do get stuck into the Bet Chat platform and hopefully we’ll have our very own bet chat soon!

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