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Kash answers your crypto questions

You asked, we answered.

Well, our resident crypto expert did anyway!

We sat down with Kash to ask him your crypto questions.

We talk about crypto exchanges, hardware wallets, the wonderful world of DeFi, and travelling through time to go back to when Bitcoin was $3,000 (it’s up to $47,000+ right now).

Plus, there are a few technical hiccups at the beginning… oh dear, but that’s all part of the fun of working remotely!

Listen to the conversation here:

Don’t have time to watch the whole session? Skip to the questions you’re interested in ⤵️

  1. How/when did you get into cryptocurrencies?
  2. Do you get excited by the tech behind it? 2:10
  3. Which part of the cryptocurrency market are you currently focused on? 3:58
  4. What is DeFi? 5:04
  5. What wallet would you recommend for assets which can’t be paired with Ledger Nano or Trezor hardware wallets? 7:18
  6. Would you say using a hardware or software wallet is safer than keeping it on an exchange? 9:00
  7. Have you got a checklist for identifying a solid crypto project? 11:02
  8. Would you use crypto trading bots? 15:10
  9. How do I invest in a DeFi coin? 16:35
  10. What measures are in place to stop an investors money being accessed and stolen? 19:21
  11. How do you make this approachable for non-tech savvy people? 21:50
  12. Can you suggest an alternative wallet for trading new crypto coins that aren’t on Trust and MetaMask wallets? 23:53
  13. What is your opinion on the best exchange? 24:55
  14. What is the best way to store crypto? 26:37
  15. How much should I invest? 27:02
  16. What are the fees involved? 29:05
  17. Is trading cryptos tax-free? 30:51
  18. Are some cryptos a scam? 31:42
  19. Is crypto a stable investment? 32:51
  20. Do you invest in a larger or smaller crypto portfolio? 35:36
  21. What sort of time horizon do you invest for? 37:33
  22. What are the complications with login details? 38:44
  23. Can you collect a crypto yield? 41:12

Asian Handicaps Explained

Asian handicaps are probably the least understood of all the football betting markets, so we’ve compiled a table below to show you, at a glance, exactly what you’re betting on when you go Asian.

While it may look more trouble than it’s worth, it’s actually a great way of getting juicier – and indeed, value – odds on games that initially look like mis-matches, so it’s well worth studying the below and giving it a try.

How to bet less than the minimum stake on Betfair

We’ve put together a short video to explain how to bet below the minimum stake on Betfair Exchange.

Just click the video below to get stuck in.

Using this trick you can bet as little as 1p but in our video example we’ve chosen £1 to demonstrate it.

How to place your minimum stake on Betfair:

  1. Choose the Betfair exchange market and race/match you want to bet on.
  2. Click the blue back box.
  3. Enter a stake of £2 but instead of betting at the available odds, you bet at much bigger odds which won’t be matched. For example, if the matched odds are 9.4, you would enter 100.
  4. Click place bets.
  5. Increasing the odds means the bet hasn’t been matched, meaning it hasn’t been successfully placed.
  6. You can now increase your stake. To do this, you should increase your stake by the amount you actually want to bet. For this example, we would change £2 in our stake box to £3.
  7. Click place bets.
  8. This now gives us two separate bets, neither of which have been matched or fully placed.
  9. Now cancel the £2 bet. This leaves us with just a £1 bet.
  10. Change the odds to the currently available odds. For this example, we would change our odds of 100 back to the matched odds of 9.4.
  11. We now have a £1 stake at the available odds of 9.4.
  12. Click place bets.

This is a quick and easy trick that lets you place below the minimum stake on Betfair exchange. It proves very useful when testing out systems or betting on big odds selections.

What is Best Odds Guaranteed?

Best Odds Guaranteed ensures you get the best price out of the one you take and the starting price on horse racing and greyhound racing.

It’s probably the best bookmaker concession out there and can make a huge difference to your profits.

Here’s a simple example and one that happens every single day:

NON-BOG BookieBOG Bookie

List of Best Odds Guaranteed Bookmakers

Below is a comprehensive list of all bookmakers offering best odds guaranteed on horse racing.

This list will be updated to include all new additions as they occur.

Best Odds Guaranteed Bookmaker Timings

Different online bookmakers offer best odds guaranteed at different times. Some offer best odds guarantee the day or night before racing. 

Other bookies do not offer BOG until the day of the race, and then it can be from 7am, 9am, 10am, or midday.

This section will guide you to the online bookmaker that offers best odds guaranteed to suit the time of day that you like to place your bets.

Day/Night BeforeBefore 9amAfter 9am
BoylesportsBetfred (8am onwards)Bet Victor
SportingbetBetfair (8am onwards)GentingBet (12pm)
Bwin (8am onwards)Mansionbet (10am)
Quinnbet (8.30am)SportNation (Selected meetings)
Grosvenor SportRedZone Sports (Selected meetings)
Paddy Power (8am onwards)Marathonbet (Selected meetings)
Unibet (8am onwards)Leo Vegas (Selected races)
William Hill (10am)

Best Odds Guaranteed on Multiples

If you like betting multiples on horse racing, it is important to note that some bookmakers do not include BOG on some bets including multiples and perms. 

Some bookmakers say they do not apply BEST ODDS GUARANTEED to Lucky15,31 & 63’s but it may be that double’s and trebles are okay.

This makes choosing your bookmaker even more important, as you will see from the HUGE difference BOG can make on multiples.

If we take a winning treble from horse racing on Thursday 21/06/18, using a BOG bookie and a non-BOG bookie, you can see the three bigger prices from the BOG bookie in the right-hand column.

HorseNon BOG BookieBOG Bookie% Better

We have used an extreme best odds guarantee example above, but it shows just how quickly things can mount up if you have taken three horses all of which drift from the price you take to a bigger SP.

The main point is that you can see that all three have returned a bigger price than that taken, but when combined, add up to a return 4x bigger than if betting with a bookmaker that doesn’t apply BOG to Multiple bets.

Best Odds Guaranteed Lucky 15

The same principle applies above when betting on a lucky15 and applying best odds guaranteed.

At the time of writing, the bookmakers below DO NOT STATE that lucky15, 31 & 63 bets and other multiples are excluded from BOG promotions.

BookmakerBOG on MultiplesHorsesGreyhounds
Betfair Sportsbook
Paddy Power
William Hill

Greyhound Racing List

Whilst best Odds Guaranteed began for horse racing and can be more beneficial with the volatility of odds it has extended, in some cases, to greyhound racing too.

Bookmakers Offering Best Odds Guaranteed on Greyhound Racing

  • bet365
  • Paddy Power
  • Betfair
  • Coral
  • William Hill
  • Ladbrokes
  • Betfred

International Racing

Best Odds guaranteed is generally offered on UK and Irish racing as standard but doesn’t often extend beyond that.

BOG on International racing is rare.

Win Limits

Some bookmakers will cap the amount that can be won with the benefit of best odds guaranteed.

Others do not state any maximum bonus per race or per day.

The list below is gained from our research but can change at any time. It is right at the time of writing and will be updated regularly.

Please check with the individual operator for the most up to date information.

Bookmaker Win Limits on Best Odds Guaranteed

This list includes bookmakers that post an upper limit on the terms and conditions.

BookmakerMax Bonus with BOC per day
William Hill£25,000