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Hello there,

I’m Clive, 59, married and I’ve been betting since God was in short trousers.

I’m a previous part-owner of Dragoon Guard, an unsuccessful hurdler with Anthony Honeyball. While we didn’t strike it rich there, I have now visited most tracks in the south following him as well as those in Wales and a couple of northern tracks. Away from the horses, I am a lifelong Palace fan which is my main non-racing sport but I also bet on golf

My first ever winner was Red Alligator in 1968 but it was around 1980 when I hit upon my first ‘almost’ success. I’ve always had a head for maths and stats and back then I devised a ratings system that consistently broke even (always a good start!) but the betting tax in place at the time stopped this going forward.

Later, the advent of computers meant that bookies with unlimited resources always knew more than you and betting again became just a fun thing. However, understanding value was a turning point and, perversely, I stopped looking for winners and started to look for value. Mathematically, this makes a lot of sense. If you’re regularly backing true 2/1 shots at 3/1, in the long-term you can’t fail to win!

Seven years ago I turned to tipsters, since when I have made over £40,000. However, the collapse of my business in 2018 coupled with a second stroke and countless bookie restrictions meant another avenue was needed…

Fortunately, now computers have turned full circle and the amount of information out there is too much for even the bookies, so there are things even they don’t know/have time to act upon. These are the small points we are latching on to with our micro systems in my Racecracker service.

Currently, I’m following more than 150 of these micro systems and am seeing consistent, long-term profits alongside my service subscribers. If you’d like to join our merry crew, you’d be more than welcome?

Clive runs the Racecracker service. If you’d like to give it a go, just click this link.