Bettors with small betting accounts are neglected by most modern horse racing services.

Actually, they’re downright INSULTED by most of them! Some of the most popular services recommend a 100 point starting bank.

That means at 1 point stakes, you’d need a £1,000 bank just for £10 bets… and a £10,000 bank for £100 stakes!

Here are a few of the culprits…

The Happy Punter recommends a 100 point starting bank

Bookies Enemy No 1 recommends a 150 point starting bank

WannaWin BM recommends a 100 point starting bank

Landry Horse Racing recommends a 200 point bank

And a reviewer of Heli’s Horses recommends a 1,000 point staring bank!

(There are plenty more of these examples too…)

The truth is, NONE of these tipsters have faith in their own tips!

To survive the long losing streaks these tipsters are anticipating you’d need…

If only there was someone to save us from the “lossdemic” infecting the tipster world…

Perhaps someone confidently recommending a starting bank of, say, 20 points? A fraction of the ridiculous 1,000 point recommendation you saw above. This would mean…

Well, that’s where Mel Gee comes in,

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