Welcome aboard my train to where I believe we can win together from being patient, disciplined, and accurate with our betting on horse racing. It’s not which station you board the train that matters, it’s boarding the train that matters.

But first, don’t let anyone tell you that winning from betting on horse racing is easy – it’s not!

For every “Profession” there is a learning curve. A mechanic, carpenter, engineer, electrician, it is at least a 5 year apprenticeship with daily ongoing learning to become accomplished in your field. To become a doctor,  nurse, lawyer or barrister the apprenticeship is longer but the daily ongoing learning is similar to become good at what you do.

To become a professional bettor is no different except there are no books, lecturers or proven strategy to work to or work with. It is a very small unit of people who can make their betting pay. My own apprenticeship was some 30 years long – yes, 30 years and I am still learning. But I made it to where I want to be.

Have you ever bought a notepad of blank pages or perhaps a ream of blank copying paper? That is what my textbook looked like in 1970 when I caught the bug of horse racing and decided this would be my interest, my love, and very quickly, my passion. There were no computers, no Google! No iPhones. You could buy hard copies of the Sporting Life or the Sporting Chronicle and that was about it (there was no Racing Post). All the heavy lifting would be done by me.

And it was heavy lifting… I had stacks upon stacks of the Sporting Life!

I read and read all I could about horses, trainers, courses and owners. I read about the governing bodies of horse racing and about bookmakers. I had started to learn my trade. I learned about the Classics and Group races on the Turf Flat and Graded races in National Hunt racing. It was not until 1989 that the All-Weather programme began, and I learned how to handle this new beginning too.

Where to start!?

The obvious place was picking winners in every race, every day, every meeting. Thankfully, for me, I was not a wealthy person nor from a well-heeled family and therefore losses were minimal as I couldn’t afford both a newspaper and the risk of a bet.

However, more importantly, my thought process then was different from others, as I have found out as more and more pundits have hit the TV screens, especially in recent years. My process is NOT initially to try to find the winner of a race I am looking at. Surprised?

Instead, I look to see if I can find a bet. There is a difference.

I dismiss the vast majority of races I look at and wait until I think I have a strong chance of making my investment pay. I try to take out the guesswork using the skills I have honed over decades. These skills became “rules” and are sacrosanct in deciding what “might” make a horse LOSE and if I spot something proven by me, then I won’t bet. That particular discipline took decades to instil into me but it has saved me countless losing bets over time. The dreaded long losing run has been eliminated.

The form book rarely lies and my unique interpretation of it gives me the edge that is needed to make racing pay. What I know is known only to me. My journey is unique, and therefore my complete “Rules To Stand By” is unique too.

Do I always win? Of course not! But battles are always lost in winning the war. My mindset is of long term profit, lasting the course. It makes me happy to share my knowledge with you. If you are not yet a winner with your betting, then you need to change something, and soon. It’s as simple as that. Remember – If you change nothing, nothing changes.

I changed. I became disciplined. I became a winning owner of racehorses. Welcome to the party!