Start Earning With The “Blockchain Bank” Paying 20 Times More Interest Than Your Stingy High Street Bank As The Tech Behind Cryptocurrencies Eats Up The World Of Banking

How much is your high street bank giving you in interest right now?

Maybe they’re sticking to the Bank of England’s official Bank Rate of 0.1% per year?

Or something closer to Goldman Sachs’ “award winning” Marcus account, which pays 0.6% per year?

(Yes, they actually won Money Magazine’s “Best High-Yield Savings Accounts List” award for this!)

Whatever it is, I bet it pales in comparison to the 12% per year a new and exciting “Blockchain Bank” is paying on your Great British Pounds…

That’s 20 times more than what even the most “generous” traditional banks are willing to give you.

And over the years that difference really adds up…

You Choose: £553 in interest over the next 10 years… or £17,731?

12% per year might not sound like that much more than 0.6% at first.

But compare what that means for your money over the next 10 years…

If you were to leave £10,000 in that so-called “award winning” traditional savings account paying 0.6%… over the next decade you’d collect just £553.

Depending on where you live, that’s not even enough to cover a single month’s rent!

Whereas, 12% per year would see your initial £10,000 grow into £27,731… paying you interest of £17,731…

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