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How to legally move the odds in your favour

While there may not be much sport taking place at the moment, we do all have lots of free time, and so I thought that...

How to lower your Betfair commission and potentially save thousands

Next week I will return to answering, or at least attempting to answer, some more questions. If you have anything tha...

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The standard commission rate for Betfair’s exchange is 5%, meaning if you win £100 then you give £5 of this over to Betfair and your actual winning...
Hey, Bet Chat Bec here! Placing Adam’s selections should be pretty easy for seasoned bettors but, just in case you’re a bit of a newbie (like I ...
Alex and Nicky Ong have been running profitable trading services for years and you may well have come across them via another publisher in the past...
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