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I’m the artist formerly known as Matt Houghton and for a decade now I’ve been doing my very best to turn enthusiastic but losing bettors into winning ones.

This all came about after the same thing happened to me…

You see, once upon a time I was useless at betting (as is pretty much everybody else when they first start!) Ten team football accas, betting on a horse because I liked the name, playing on fruit machines at the student union… if there was a betting mistake to be made I probably made it. Then one day I found an ancient scroll behind a secret door…

I joke! The truth is that winning money from betting is and never will be simple, no matter what the people online with their magic ‘never lose’ systems tell you. The way I became a winner rather than a loser is exactly the same as the way Mel, Adam and all of our other tipsters did it – I listened to people who knew what they were talking about, I worked hard and I watched a helluva lot of sport!

It was a long old slog but eventually I was a sports journalism student and betting loser no more. I became the editor of the Betting Rant and started to work directly with bona fide professional bettors who I then introduced to people just like you. It’s a winning formula for all round and I’m looking to maintain and improve it further with Bet Chat.

As for my own specialist subject that would be ante-post betting on Premier League football (here’s a link to my Premier Bets guide for this season) and National Hunt racing. When it comes to the latter, I run a Cheltenham Festival service in March which hopefully you’ll be a part of this year.

That’s all for now but I’ll leave you with a picture of me presenting first prize to Le Reve’s trainer Lucy Wadham after he won the Surrey National at Lingfield last year.

Vive la Bet Chat revolution!