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Hi team!

I’m a real sports lover (no surprise there!) and I’ve also been lucky enough to have worked in the sports betting industry for 15 years, which has included time spent at some of the top bookies in the UK. Now I want to take that knowledge and use it to help you, the bettor, rather than my former bosses!

As an industry expert, I’ve also appeared on a number of TV and radio channels including talkSPORT, Bloomberg and Reuters TV where I’ve spoken about sports betting, previewed some of the top events and shared some industry insights.

This means I’m pretty comfortable in front of a camera and so you’ll likely encounter my mug on various tipping videos over the next few years.

These days I’m all about using knowledge, insight and understanding of betting on particular sports to make money. This takes a lot of time and analysis, as the first rule of betting clever is bet when you see an edge and where the price doesn’t match the one you expected it to be. It’s all well and good just going after winners but if you’re backing true 2/1 shots at odds on then you’re going to lose in the long term. It’s all about value and that means looking for winners who are also great prices!

My betting specialities include American Football, darts and rugby. These niche sports offer good opportunities to bet as the bookies here in the UK often don’t spend as much time and money on them as the likes of football and racing. This means that with good preparation and research we can get an edge.

I’ve also been known in the past to use an alias (here’s a good article about why tipsters will do that from time to time) but with Bet Chat it’s all about the real us, and this is the real me, Russell Yershon at a typically raucous Emirates 😉