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As a bettor aspiring to gain any edge you can get over the market, you’ve probably looked at courses that cost hundreds to thousands of pounds. However, there’s a huge amount of incredible free content in the form of podcasts that will lend you a helping hand.

Here are some of my favourite podcasts that I’ve learned from in my journey so far. Let me know if I’ve missed any by emailing clients@thebetchat.com.  

General/Betting Theory

Pinnacle Podcast

A fantastic mix of content for any serious bettor. My favourite features are the ‘Serious about betting’ and ‘Profit from perspective’ series’ that feature a ton of smart industry guests offering insight and suggestions you can apply to your own betting.

Regular episodes also include weekly insights into the Premier League betting markets and special podcasts on the eve of big tournaments or matches (think boxing, tennis and NFL). Ben (the presenter) has a great interviewing style that encourages guests to share some brilliant insights and always does his research, making this one of the best betting podcasts out there.

Business of Betting

As the name suggests, it’s a fascinating insight into the business of the betting world. The BoB podcast has run for over 160 episodes now and the work that Jake puts into it is truly incredible.

Although the content is mostly evergreen, you’ll find yourself going down a rabbit hole, searching for the companies and the people behind the betting tools/sites and ventures mentioned in the pod.

I myself have found many useful tools that have helped me become more profitable just by listening to the show. Jake is a smart guy too and, as with Ben, asks all the right questions so the listener gets the most out of the experience. If you’re interested in the cutting edge of what’s going on in the betting industry, this is a must listen.

Inside Betting

A slightly different format to the above but one of the most unique podcasts out there. It’s a fresh take on understanding the industry and I liken it to a chat at the pub with Matthew, one of the most brilliant minds working in the industry.

You won’t find any ‘tips’ in here but I’ve found myself listening several times to episodes as there’s so much fascinating insight that I often miss it the first time round. Highly recommended for anyone who has a passion for betting and trading and sees it equally as art form and science.

Trademate Sports

Ok, full disclosure, if you know Trademate already, you’ll know I do some work with them but even with my biased hat on, the podcast is still a superb listen, and that was what got my attention when I got in touch with them originally. I know Alex is one of the hardest working people in the industry right now so don’t let the fact that Alex got me on one week in desperation put you off! Most weeks feature a superb range of guests from across both sides of the divide (punter and bookmaker).  

The weekly preview show featuring George Gamble, Nigel Seeley and Harout Massoyan is full of superb tips and insight. I find the pods with odds compilers extremely interesting and, if you listen carefully, they give away some very handy tips for your betting. Obviously, I highly recommend the podcast and I find it criminal it doesn’t get enough views and listens, so give it a try!

Notable Mentions

There are a few other podcasts in this area I’d like to give a quick mention to as I simply haven’t had the time to listen to more than a few episodes, but they are on my list and worth looking at.

A few of these have a more US sports focus and, as such, the terminology of American odds and some of the vocabulary might be unfamiliar to UK bettors, but these are well worth a listen too, mainly because they come from two extremely smart and well regarded professionals, Rufus Peabody and Spanky:

Bet the Process

Be Bettor Bettors


A mix of pure tips, insight, analysis and opinion. Here are a few of the football podcasts I highly recommend.

The Matchbook Betting Podcast

The Matchbook podcast actually covers a few different sports, but the football one is my favourite and there’s no surprise that it consistently gets voted the best betting podcast out there.

It’s a great blend of insight, solid tips and analysis. Aidan O’Sullivan is a brilliant presenter who brings it all together with great humour. As an ex-trader himself, he also knows his stuff. Mark O’Haire has an eye for a great stat and a solid long term track record and Adrian Clarke’s insights as an ex-pro go far beyond the typical cliches of the talking heads on TV. I especially enjoy his take on the EFL as his knowledge on this is superb.

This is a regular weekly listen for me and it’s rare I miss an episode as it’s made me some nice profits so far!

Welovebetting Podcast

From the same Mark O’Haire who features on the Matchbook pod, it’s another high quality affair with great selections and analysis most weekends on the English leagues and around Europe.

What I particularly like is the actual analysis part. A great way to improve your own selection criteria is to have a listen to podcasts like these and how the experts justify their selections. The bet builders featured here are a specialty and go beyond the standard 1×2 markets into corners, cards and other player prop bets that might not be on the radar of the regular punter.

The Totally Football Show

Despite the Paddy Power sponsorship, this isn’t a betting podcast as such. However, for me, the European version of the show is a very handy weekly update on what’s going on in Europe’s big leagues and highlights anything I should be aware of before looking at the odds on a big game. James Richardson is like a fine wine, only getting better with age, and the galacticos of the journalism world who join him each week are a joy to listen to.

The Spanish Football Podcast

Again, not a betting podcast but a fantastic listen nonetheless. Phil and Sid have a great rapport and chemistry and, crucially, have the scoop from ground level, with both being based in Madrid. It certainly helps me to assess which bets to make on a weekend from afar and my knowledge of La Liga teams beyond the big three has certainly been enriched by their efforts.

Notable Mentions

You might have noticed that I haven’t included a lot of well-known football betting podcasts because I think a lot of them are, franky, quite cr@p at best and verging on predatory at worst.

Football, as the biggest sport in the world and the most bet sport in the UK attracts the most attention for that reason. As such, the quality can be a little variable. It also means I’ve probably missed a ton of them too, so let me know if you do listen to any you find useful.

Other Sports

I could go on forever and I probably need to do a part two but a few other special mentions are the Betfair podcast (in particular I find their cricket podcast to be a great listen), and for tennis I regularly listen to the originally named Tennis podcast. During grand slams it’s a helpful listen as they cover them daily.

Hopefully that’s a useful list that’ll keep you busy for a while, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on any other podcasts you’ve found useful for your own betting and research. Our email is clients@thebetchat.com.

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