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Just the one recommendation this week but for good reason… 

After all, if I told you that there was an independent review site which posted a comparison table of 80 tipster services, and there was one that was head and shoulders above the others, well, that’s the one you’d be interested in isn’t it?

So, without further ado may I present the ‘bestbetting review’ performance table, with Elite Racing sitting proudly at the top of the tree:

As their reviewer, Peter Philipson, said in his monthly update…

“At the top of the list is Elite Racing which I mentioned last month and which has put in another excellent performance for November.

“In these days when many publishers email about services with a mega number of points profit that then turns out to be about 3% of the recommended bank it is good to see a straightforward offering where just 20 points is considered a sufficient starting pot.

“So, while 5.84 points profit does not sound a lot, it is more than 25% of your bank and achieved at an ROI of 71%. And the good news is that new subscribers are being accepted again.”

Of course, Elite Racing has also been going for more than a month and the total increase in the bank since the pre-launch public proofing is even bigger than 25%… In fact, it’s a whopping 79.75%

And that’s why it’s my one and only recommendation this week!

You can give the service a try with its ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee, by clicking this link today.

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