Clive’s Betting Diary: Goodbye January and good riddance (again)

Hi, Clive here.

I wrote an introduction to this betting diary feature last week which you will need to read first to make sense of the below. You can find it on the Bet Chat website by clicking this link.

Please Note: The track records I publish in this diary are my own results and, as such, may not match up exactly to a tipster’s published track record. This is because I’m not always in a position to place the bets shortly after I receive them and so I will occasionally either take slightly lower prices or leave the bet altogether if it has shortened too much. I also place my own multiple bets which are detailed in the introduction post linked above.

You can get the official track record for any service by visiting their website.

Please Note (2): The year to date figures run from January 10th which is when I started this diary project. Again, if you’d like to see the full ‘official’ track records, just visit the tipster platform’s website.


A very boring week with only new guy Sam showing a profit Monday to Thursday. When Northern Monkey and Snowy did contribute to proceedings, they merely lost Sam’s winnings!

Things ramped up on Friday with all tipsters in profit except Racecracker so I hit the weekend with Sam up 3.6 points, Snowy up 3.6 points, Northern Monkey up 4.69 points and Racecracker down by 8 points with no warning that Saturday was to be a day from hell.

Friday’s tips for Saturday came through from Love (8) and then Saturday brought Racecracker (4), Sam (2), Northern Monkey (1) and Snowy (6). 21 selections to enjoy the day with. As there was nothing else on telly, I even allowed myself to watch ITV’s coverage to see if it had improved at all from the last time I was similarly placed. It hadn’t but perhaps I was affected by seeing all 21 beaten!

Yes, all 21.

Snowy, god bless him, got a paying place at 15/2 but that was it. I’ve endured plenty of these days before but they still don’t look credible when they happen. In terms of salt in the wounds, Windsor Avenue winning at 40/1 took some beating as he was on the Racecracker watch list but not its bet list. Sunday was much better but only because hardly anyone played

Week figures/Year to date

SAM: -1.17/+5.20
SNOWY: -23.4/+96.42
NORTHERN MONKEY: +3.33/-8.65
LOVE: -8.71/-22.13
RACECRACKER: -11.9/-6.62

If you’ve read the staking plan in my introduction piece then you’ll know that yes, I am concerned with Love’s January performance!


Dull tines for football as well with an official, absurd rest week in place last week. Little action and even less joy.

INSIDE MAN: -2.05/-7.48

(This figure is correct, last week’s was wrong)


My habit of only checking on Sundays for players in contention backfired as the US tourney finished on Saturday! So, it was slightly bittersweet to find that one of my selections, Luke List (80/1), came from five behind to win in a play-off. Good for the figures but not for entertainment value.

In Dubai, Eric Van Rooyen (40/1) threatened before collapsing to fourth and main selection Adam Scott missed placing by a single shot for the second week in a row.

RAINMAKER: +85.5/-21.69

Not the week to remind myself that Love is £20 per point and Rainmaker £1 per point!


A further loss of £259.77 making a total for the year of -£774.11. Thank god it’s February!

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  1. I also subscribe to Loves racing and last year jan/feb were the same or worse. Stick with him as ended the calendar year hugely in profit

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