Competition Corner (and a last chance to enter)

Welcome to the inaugural monthly round up of everything Bet Chat competition related. This is your corner offering everything you want to know about our competitions which are set to cover a full range of sports and formats, from your well known Last Man Standings and Fantasy Footballs to all sorts of brand new concoctions.

In theory, at least, we will run any competition that you want us to run but you need to tell us! We can only guess what you want. To get in touch is simple – just email competitions@thebetchat.com.

We will run anything for as few as five players in order to give it a chance to grow. After all, our flagship event, The Footy Comp started with just ten and is now awaiting its 11th year with 32 players. So, you tell us which sports you are interested in, and we’ll come up with a competition. 

What’s on offer?

Last month saw the conclusion of The Footy Comp and, as luck would have it, I clinched the title with a final match victory over Dave W winning a new record prize of £460.

The second division (£340) went to Bet Chat’s very own Josh, while Shaun and Shea also gained promotion and must now ply their trade among the top flight players. Next year may well see a third tier or League One! There were winners of all major football trophies right down to the Europa Conference resulting in 24 players winning something and 10 players winning more than they paid to enter.

Currently in-play is “And The Winner Is”, a sports prediction competition that has been running since January. Each month we try to predict about half a dozen sporting winners for the month ahead. There’s still a long way to go in that one as it runs all year. This one is just £10 to play with the winner taking all the spoils. It should be an exciting conclusion in December for those still in contention

Coming soon is a fantasy golf tournament starting with the Open in July where you will have to pick players from banded groups so you can’t win with just knowledge of the world’s top ten. August will see a competition based around the stats of each weekend’s Sky Sunday game.

This competition starts tomorrow!

Starting tomorrow is the second version of our racing competition, the Handicappers Tipping League.

Starting out as a year long competition, it ran from Cheltenham in March 2022 through to The Welsh Grand National where Trevor Wright took the annual prize despite Mike Hutchinson winning most monthlies.  This year however it will be a straightforward monthly competition…

Just pick four horses to fill the first four places in the race or races of the week with points gained for finishing position and odds. Very simple to play but, like all our games, fiendishly difficult to play well. Most months it will take place every Saturday but there are exceptions. We kick off with a week of Royal Ascot. The first race has now been revealed and a tenner gains you entry.

You can join the game here but, be quick, as the first race takes place tomorrow afternoon.

After you’ve joined our racing game, don’t forget to email competitions@thebetchat.com with any ideas for other games that you would enjoy. Or just tell us the sport you would like us to cover, and we’ll do the rest.

That’s all from me for now. I hope to be taking you on in one of our competitions very soon!

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