Guide To Best Odds Betting

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We’ve put together a short video to explain exactly what best odds betting is and how to do it.

Just click the video below to get stuck in.

There are a number of different odds comparison sites out there but the biggest and best is Oddschecker.

As you can see, the odds are displayed from all of the major bookmakers and it’s immediately apparent that there are plenty of price differences.

Obviously whatever you’re betting on you want to take the biggest available odds. In just the minute or so it’s taken you to get to this web page, you’ve already found out exactly where you need to bet to do that.

It may only make you a few extra pounds on one bet but over a week, a month, a year, it can make a huge difference. Not bad for an extra minute’s work!

Oddschecker has other features…

Accumulator Bets:

  1. Click on the best odds for your first selection.
  2. Then go to the other race or match you want to bet on.
  3. Click on your second selection.
  4. The bet slip pops up on the right hand side which displays the odds for the double (which is both horses to win).
  5. If you click change next to the bookie you can see which bookie is offering the best odds for the double.
  6. There can be some really big differences in the odds and the more selections in your accumulator, the bigger the price differences will be.

Placing Bets in Oddschecker:

You can place bets directly in Oddschecker when you log in. Although this saves time, I wouldn’t recommend it.

The bookies know what bets are coming via Oddschecker and because they associate Oddschecker with smart bettors they will be more than likely to mark your account and potentially even ban you.

It’s completely unfair, but bookies are sneaky and so once you’ve found the best odds, its worth taking an extra minute to open a new internet tab and navigate to the bookie where you can bet with them directly.

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