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Help a Bet Chatter

Bet Chat may only be six months old but I feel like we’ve already built a great little community with lots of you getting involved, be it through commenting on our emails, joining our service Telegram groups or even taking part in our lockdown quiz.

That’s why we decided to launch Help a Bet Chatter, in which we’ll give a little bit of publicity to a good cause or small business that one of our group is involved with.

We’ll aim to do one of these a month, so now all we need are your submissions! You can send in the details of anything you’d like to share to


This month’s Bet Chatter is one of our lockdown quiz regulars, Andrea.   


I interviewed her earlier this week…

So Andrea, you’re obviously a big fan of all things Bet Chat, but today you want to talk about something ever so slightly different, Causeway Bowtique. Can you tell us a little about it?

Yes, definitely! Causeway Bowtique is my little crafting business that offers glitter hair bows, hair ribbons, keyrings, dog collar bows and anything bow related. I also make birthday crowns and badges. 

I opened Causeway Bowtique in difficult times during coronavirus pandemic and I hope to slowly build my clientele over time and am trying to offer repeat customers a variety of styles to keep them coming to me for special occasions and events.

I’ve had a look at the page and there are some right bargains to be had! What have been some of your best sellers?

My best sellers are matching sets! People just LOVE to coordinate. Mums contact me asking me to make a matching set for her and her children and dogs for photoshoots! I had a father ask for matching bows for his wife and newborn daughter. That was really special to me.

Obviously, there won’t be too many of our readers that will be in the market for a fancy bow to wear to the pub, but for kids and grandkids they’re ideal, so sum up for us why they should stop what they’re doing and take a look today?

Receiving a bow made especially for you is something so special and colours, sizes and styles can be decided by the buyer. It’s such a creative experience with very minimal effort. 

I have new bows in the process every week, and my postman thinks I’m mad from all the fabric deliveries he makes to me! 

My newest releases are Back to School ribbons and backpack keyrings. Behind the scenes I am full on festive though. Pre-orders for Christmas countdown sets are going to be released soon. Ho ho ho!

Thanks Andrea and good luck!

Andrea is also happy to offer a special discount for all Bet Chat readers, so when you reach the checkout just mention the Bet Chat and you’ll get a 15% discount on all orders over £10.

You can checkout Causeway Bowtique on Facebook or Instagram.

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