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Bet Chat may only be five months old but I feel like we’ve already built a great little community with lots of you getting involved, be it through commenting on our emails, joining our service Telegram groups or even taking part in our lockdown quiz.

That’s why I think now’s the perfect time to launch a new feature, Help a Bet Chatter, in which we’ll give a little bit of publicity to a good cause or small business that one of our group is involved with.

We’ll aim to do one of these a month, so now all we need are your submissions! You can send in the details of anything you’d like to share to clients@thebetchat.com.

Obviously there’s no pressure on anybody to donate to or even engage with any of these shout outs, so don’t worry about that – we know times are financially tough for an awful lot of people at the moment. This is just a chance for us to use our platform to provide a little bit of extra coverage.


Our first Bet Chatter is Joe, who’s been reading our stuff since the Betting Rant days.   

He’s been using lockdown to get fit and, from a standing start (quite literally!), is now all set to run a half marathon. 

This is all in aid of Yemeni children, a cause close to Joe’s heart. He says:

“I will be running 13 miles along the River Thames, beginning from my home in Twickenham, to raise money for UNICEF’s appeal to help children in Yemen.

“More than three years of fighting in Yemen has led to the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, with more than 24 million people – some 80% of the population – in need of humanitarian assistance, including more than 12 million children. The target is to raise £1,000.”

If you have a couple of quid going spare to help support Joe’s cause, just click this link.

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