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“I guess a horse is like an animal bike” ? ?

Reporting from Bet Chat HQ, north London…

Well, that was quite the week.

For a good decade now, the Cheltenham Festival has heralded the busiest, but also the most consistently enjoyable, week of my year. 

This time it was obviously a little bit different, as we were unable to attend, but it was certainly still a hell of a lot more entertaining than every other week of lockdown has been thus far.

In the modern day media tradition, today I thought I’d supply you with ‘10 things I learned’:

  1. The Irish have added training and riding horses to the long list of things that they are much better than the English at.
  2. SkyBet don’t offer Best Odds Guaranteed on their enhanced place races. They also appear to have done a deal with the devil to ensure that every early price I take with them drifts and every SP shortens. 
  3. Waitrose’s prosecco is dangerously moreish (and currently 25% off).
  4. We need a bigger recycling bin.
  5. Totesport offer money back on placepots at selected meetings if they go down in the first race. Good on ‘em.
  6. Sometimes you can do all the research in the world only to see your horse brought down by another runner, while Bet Chat Bec wins because “Sky Pirate sounds like a fun name” so, when you don’t win, don’t beat yourself up too much.
  7. Speaking of Bec, “I guess a horse is like an animal bike”, clearly trumps any piece of analysis I produced last week.
  8. A small field novice sprint on a Sunday can be just as satisfying as a whole week of betting at the Festival. Kudos to our racing tipster triallist who landed a maximum stake 33/1 winner yesterday to turn a below average week into a splendid one (you’ll no doubt hear lots more about him over the coming months).
  9. Something I knew already but, with point eight in mind, you really really really really really need a proper betting bank and consistent staking, otherwise you risk backing the early week losers and missing the transformative end of week winners. 
  10. It’s now just three weeks until beer gardens and hairdressers are allowed to open. Glory be!

Pop Friday in your diary

That’s just about it for today, but before I go I just wanted to give you a heads up that something very exciting is coming to Bet Chat on Friday…

It’s an opportunity that I’ll be personally investing in, and one that I think would serve you well too.

There will be more on that as the week goes on, so do keep an eye on your emails. Win, lose or draw last week, there’s always another chance to profit on the horizon!

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