Less is more

Mel Gee here.

“Less is more”…

The quote was first popularised by minimalist architect Ludwig Miles van der Roche. 

No, I didn’t know that either!

However, it is an appropriate quote for the way I go about my business of making profit from betting on horse racing.

Let me give you some examples of what I mean as we head towards March and the Cheltenham Festival 2023.

If you are reading this, I am going to assume that you have an interest in horse racing, in sports betting, and making a profit from your betting. Forgive me, but I’m going to assume that you may not be a winning bettor, long term. Also, I am going to assume that you use your own skills to find winners and perhaps also a ‘tipster(s)’ or a combination of both?

Yes? I think I might have captured the high 90%’s of you readers and if no, no offence intended!

I have a great knowledge of tipsters past and present. I have an equal knowledge of tipsters who work with systems, those who create systems, and bet on system findings.

I have never yet met a winning/profitable tipster, long term, in over 50 years of being involved in this great sport of horse racing. I am not saying they don’t exist; I’m saying I’ve never met one…

First up, in my experience, tipster and punter alike, try to find winning bets each and every day, each week and month. It’s easy to go online, search for tipsters, and you can see for yourself that those who dare to advertise their results are mostly daily bettors. Long term, at worthwhile stakes, they won’t win; if they do show a profit, it’ll be a paltry sum. 

Next, Tipster A (in fact we could go A-Z)… First question: where do they work? Most, if not all, have a full-time job and ‘tipping’ is a secondary income (and usually profit from betting does not make a third income). I make no apology for being brutally honest. I am not suggesting dishonesty on the part of the tipster, but if you make worthwhile profits from your betting, why would you need to work elsewhere?

I continue: the accepted norm these days is for a tipster to advise a betting bank. It looks responsible and professional. Then, they shoot themselves in the foot, by suggesting a 100 point bank, or a 150 point bank, or 200 point bank. I’ve seen a 500 point bank advised and worse!

Let’s look what a ‘bank’ is… It is a sum of money a bettor should have set aside free of domestic calls, to make bets with and, if following his or someone else’s advice, that sum of money is divided by the points advised to reach a value of 1 point E.G. £1000 Bank, 200 Points advised, 1 Point =  £5. Again, to be brutally honest, you are not going to make worthwhile profits at £5 per point. 

More importantly, with advice of 100 or 200 point banks, expect a rollercoaster ride, dozens of losing bets and the inevitable long losing run. Here’s why… 

Ask your tipster his strike rate (winners to losers). A good tipster would need to be around 22%ish and an average winning bet of at least 4/1 (5.0) to break even or make minimal profit, which is supposing a winner in five bets is found. BUT, it won’t be that straightforward. With a strike rate of around 22%, a losing run of between 17 and 21 consecutive losers is probable. In fact, highly probable. It is the long losing run that does for most bettors. It is not only the financial strain, but the mental anguish too. 

Please believe me: I have been there myself. More times than I should have been over many years with many financial challenges around me. However, such is my passion for the sport, I was determined to get to where I knew I needed to be. 

I decided I had lost enough money. Things needed to change. Betting every day, undisciplined with both selection method and bank, was no longer an option.

Less became more!

I had to change my approach and I did so. Some of the changes made were forced upon me by the changes to the racing calendar, but I knew I had the knowledge to make the change and the discipline to make those changes work for me. 

First Class Racing is my pride and joy. I bet only on Class 1 races. The best horses in the best races and an average of one bet per week. Much less betting for so much more reward.

Bankroll: 20 points ONLY, and it’s never been in the slightest of harm’s way. Let’s take that example again of a £1000 bank. That means bets of £50 per point. Now, we can make some worthwhile profits. 

I believe in TODAY: not going back months or years looking for the best of times with betting. 

My current clients have had to endure, as I have, a British winter that has thrown everything at us! We suffered flooding early on in October, then an icy cold blast causing abandoned meetings in November and similar disruption in January.

September 4th 2022 to February 2nd 2023…

How did we fair? Not bad at all, I might say…

We lost five possible selections due to abandoned meetings.

We bet on 13 selections only.

We had 7 winners!

Our strike rate is 53.85%

Our average winning price is 2.60 (almost 13/8).

We made a profit of 6.87 points to worthwhile stakes (that’s a bank increase of 34%).

Here comes Cheltenham…

How did we do at the Festival in 2022?

There are four days of the Festival with seven races per day which equals 28 races.

My clients and I bet in seven races only (we watched the rest with no pressures).

Day 1.

Constitution Hill WON 3.5 (5/2). 
Edwardstone WON 3.75 (11/4)
Honeysuckle WON 1.8 (4/5)

Day 2.

Shiskin Lost

Day 3. 

Galopin Des Champs Fell at the last fence when 12 lengths clear!
Allaho WON 1.67 (4/6)

Day 4.

Vauban WON 2.88 (15/8)

Profit all the way with five winners from seven bets only. (And it should have been six!!)

Less was so very much more.

And that is what we do.

We wait for opportunity to knock on our door and act accordingly with a welcome. We enjoy the sport set before us and regularly get paid for doing so!

No white knuckle rides. No long losing runs. No fuss.

Why not join us in time for Cheltenham (and indeed the selections between now and then)? 

Forget the MORE. Join me and my clients for LESS. 

Less really can be more!

Mel Gee is running a free Q&A webinar on Wednesday evening. To secure your place (a replay will also be sent out if you can’t attend on the night) just click this link.

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