“Mahoooosive weekend!”

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Reporting from Bet Chat HQ, south west London…

Last night I got back from a three day trip to Copenhagen and it’s safe to say that, physically, I’m slightly the worse for wear.

Mentally however, I feel refreshed, and that’s what I want to talk about today…

You see, if you want to be truly successful, it’s absolutely crucial that you take a proper break from betting now and again.

Of course, what duration counts as ‘proper’ varies from person to person. You might need an entire month, you might just need a long weekend. When I say proper, what I’m really referring to is how you should switch off from it as much as possible…

After all, if you have a two week holiday to Barbados but you spend two hours every morning researching and placing bets, and then the rest of the day checking results or watching the games/races etc on your phone, that’s not really a break is it?

From the moment I boarded the plane to Copenhagen to the moment I arrived home three days later, I placed no bets, checked no racing results (not even on Saturday) and the only football match I kept tabs on was due to my being a fan of the team in question.

Sure, doing that may well have meant I missed out on profits but so what? The strategies I follow all produce long-term profits and a missed winner here or there isn’t going to make much difference…

Plus, what price do you put on enjoying yourself without any distractions? I certainly value it at more than the profit from a winner or two.

As with any other industry or money making pursuit there has to be a work/life balance. While it’s all too easy to think of a day off as a missed opportunity, that’s exactly the kind of attitude that will ensure you end up missing out on something far more important.

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