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Mel Gee here.

Today’s article is all about HELP and ADVICE: if you will give me a minute or two of your time, I’ll explain further my proposal and intentions. Please read on…

This is what people do – it’s the norm!

Before I continue, please bear with me as I explain my thoughts.

Many people supported me with the purchase of The Dossier but many people didn’t follow the advice inside. It’s normal for people to buy something such as The Dossier, put it to one side and never look at it again. I’ve done it!

Yes, I’ve paid for something, eagerly awaited its arrival, and then put it on the shelf with every good intention of acting upon it “one day”. Of course, as with many people, “one day” never arrives, life gets in the way and a multitude of other things take priority. Is it a wasted opportunity? Perhaps, but we never find out – until today, that is.

A gentle reminder – no offence intended

When I first launched The Dossier, I said the first four chapters belonged to me. I stood by them then, and I stand by them solidly today. Nothing has changed my mind. How about that then?


JON RAHM WINS US OPEN 2021 @ 11.5/1
SI WOO KIM “TIES” 1st PLACE @ 50/1
PLUS! A whole host of placed golfers up to 100/1

A full 18 months has passed, and I stand by my word made in August 2020. I stand by my word!

You will remember, I’m sure, that The Dossier was born because of my latest closure of an account by Ladbrokes. I had had enough and decided to tell people EXACTLY how I beat the bookie. But since August I’ve moved on again, and I no longer need the bookie – no not at all, never.

I have reinvented myself on the Betfair Exchange, and it’s been remarkable.

Same tools, bigger profits

As I said, I stand by my word. I use my golf strategy from The Dossier on a weekly basis.

And I am winning!

As I mentioned earlier, you perhaps have a copy of The Dossier, but didn’t use it…

What about if I use it for you, and pass on my selections?

Yes, I’ll do the work.

Now, before I go any further, I still bet on horse racing, but my number of bets is reduced, (click here to take a look at my service, Elite Racing) and I remain with a restricted account with William Hill only.

It was necessary for me to evolve once again, and so now I major on Golf betting also. 

I now bet all my golf bets on the Betfair Exchange.

All of the above golf bets came from my strategy as written in The Dossier.

Bigger prices, more options, bigger profits


Most tipsters will give you their tips – ha! And then leave you to place the bet with fingers crossed. Not me, not Mel Gee.

I will provide the tips on a Telegram platform each Wednesday in plenty of time for the Thursday start. BUT, because we will be betting on Betfair, we’ll have the opportunity when it arises to TRADE!

Don’t be concerned, I’ll HELP you do this in play. It’s soooo easy! If the opportunity arises, we can TRADE to sit with NO LOSS and a TASTY WIN or we can TRADE OUT so that, whoever WINS the tournament – WE WIN! How reassuring is that!?


  • I’ll put my Dossier golf selections on Telegram Wednesday in time for a Thursday start
  • We bet on Betfair only – no bookmaker restrictions, more options to win
  • I will teach you how to trade to a no loss when/where the opportunity arises
  • We use the Telegram portal. It’s free and I keep in regular contact
  • I am winning £thousands – now it’s your time, it’s your turn
  • You must take action today or forever wonder “what if”
  • We have the same tools to win at golf – bigger profits
  • I’ll do the work – we’ll do the winning
  • You will receive exactly the bets that I place – exactly! And the trades!

If winning on golf betting is something that appeals to you, click here and join The Caddy today.

However, if doing it yourself, going it alone, still appeals, you can purchase a copy of The Dossier by clicking here.

Good luck to us all.

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