“No excuses this time. They’re just awful”

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Reporting from The Train, somewhere on the east coast of England…

Today is one of those days.

This morning, en route to Kings Cross, I stopped off at the local delivery office to pick up my dad’s birthday present, as I’d been out when the postman came round.

Now this was actually my second attempt to collect it. The first time I turned up in the afternoon, only to be told that the opening hours on the missed delivery slip, Google AND the front door of the delivery office were all incorrect, and it was currently only open from 7am to 9am.

Annoying but fine. Covid and all that.

So, attempt number two this morning, and my last chance to collect my dad’s gift before heading up to visit him.

I arrive at 8:30am. It’s closed.

I speak to a sheepish looking Post Office employee…

“I’m afraid the delivery office is closed on Wednesdays currently”

So, while every other business in town is back up and running with normal opening hours, the Post Office’s delivery office… 

  1. is only open two hours a day and…
  2. can’t even manage that gargantuan workload, so also has to close on Wednesdays.

Isn’t privatisation just wonderful! I don’t know what all the fuss is about when it comes to privatising the NHS!! Let’s privatise everything!!!

Oh, and to top it all off, I bought an avocado and halloumi muffin from Leon for breakfast, got on the train, and discovered that they’d forgotten the halloumi… a fairly important ingredient in an avocado and halloumi muffin.

As I said, today is one of those days.

Something to look forward too

Still, I did make the train at least and am using the five hour journey to get stuck into this year’s edition of Premier Bets.

For those unaware, this is my annual Premier League betting preview, and this one will actually be the 10 year anniversary edition. That’s a hell of a lot of value ante-post bets!

Last season was yet another winning one, with shouts such as Leicester top six at 5/1, Burnley top 10 at 5/1 and Norwich to finish bottom at 4/1 and this season should be no different.

All being well it should be ready next week, but I shall keep you posted.

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