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Our inaugural Tipster of the Month

With the festive hangover finally faded and 2023 now in full swing, I thought it high time to introduce the first of a number of new Bet Chat features… 

Welcome to the Tipster of the Month email!

Usually, this will cover performance for the previous full month only but, as it’s the first one, I’m stretching the parameters a little to cover the start of the World Cup, through to the weekend just past.

As you may have guessed, given those timings, that means our inaugural winner is…


Adam Cheng, of the Inside Man!

Why Adam?

Adam is the longest serving Bet Chat tipster, having released a service shortly after we launched the platform back in February 2020, and his results have been excellent ever since. The last couple of months, however, have seen a purple patch deserving of extra special recognition…

Here are the stats (Nov 15th to Jan 15th):

Bets: 74
Strike Rate: 45/74 (61%)

Profit: +29.15pts
ROI: +39%

Given the recommended starting bank for the service is just 30 points, that essentially represents a doubling of the starting bank in just two months.

Get involved!

All of which leads me to say… why not give the service a try? It’s in great form, has a long history of consistent success and, to top it all off, comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee of up to 60 days.

To get involved and give yourself the best chance of profiting from the rest of this football season, just click this link today.

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