Our Tipster of the Month

It’s time for another Bet Chat Tipster of the Month and, after a run of seven profitable weeks from the last nine, it’s an easy decision.

Our winner is…

Yes, that’s right, it’s Ian O’Sullivan and his +EV Golf Pro service!

Why Ian?

While +EV Golf Pro only launched to Bet Chat last week, it’s far from a new service to Ian, who has been running it for his own members for a number of years now, and also been contributing his selections to our own We Bet You Bet service since late March.

That WBYB contribution has been a great success, with over 100 units of profit made and a whopping seven of the last nine weeks delivering an overall profit.

What’s been really impressive and indeed unique however, is the sheer number of tournament winners. You see, this is a golf service unlike any other – while most golf services regularly go months without a winner due to the huge field sizes, Ian has been averaging close to a winner a week!

Irrespective of whether you’re into golf or not, I would strongly recommend giving +EV Golf Pro a try. 

Get involved for just £1!

To celebrate the launch of +EV Golf Pro,we currently have a very special offer running, whereby you can sign up to the service for the next 30 days for just £1. This gives you the perfect opportunity to give Ian’s service a proper try with next to no risk. Even better, that 30 days will include arguably the best golf tournament of the year, The Open!

To take advantage of the offer, click this link now but be quick, you only have until midnight this Thursday.

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