Prepare to be a winner


Mel Gee here.

Let me ask a question or two before we move on…

Q1. Do you make a profit from horseracing betting?

Q2. Do you make a worthwhile profit from horseracing betting?

There’s a difference between the two questions as I’m sure you’ve spotted.

When I first started out trying to make a profit from horse racing, I was totally unprepared and consequently I lost my money. Yes, of course, I had wins and sometimes some good wins recouping a lot of previous losses. But I was never a winner overall, long term. I most certainly wasn’t making an annual income, but I was definitely betting all year round.

Just imagine, for a moment, working seven days a week for no return. Or worse still, working diligently away on your specialised subject and paying for the privilege. How the men in white coats didn’t find me, I’ll never know!

But that is the scenario that 98% of sports bettors find themselves in and accept. Perhaps not accept readily but accept nonetheless. Go to Oddschecker.com and see the number of bookmakers lined up with offers tempting you to use their services. It’s a burgeoning industry, bookmaking, and it’s fed by you.

Okay, in a roundabout way, we now know that 2% of bettors make a profit from sports betting. Of that 2%, how many make it a worthwhile income?

It’s difficult to be precise but, by worthwhile, I mean those who make an annual income to live from. I think I’d probably agree with your guess of saying “not many”.

So, how do we change our habits of a lifetime betting? Or, hopefully, how do we change your habits of betting even if they are only six months old, one year old or more?

The good news is it is a habit than can be changed. People do change habits – smokers being the obvious candidates. It is usually for health reasons rather than financial but, with bettors, it is usually financial.

What makes me eligible to ‘preach’? I’ve been where you are now but now, I’m where you want to be. I make my living from my sports betting exploits.

So, let’s get you prepared to be a winner!

Breaking the habit

First up, we have to break the habit of betting and losing. Smokers usually wait until their health has been put under some threat of some kind. The thought of dying can be a quite a wakeup call!

Your wakeup call though is not so brutal. You have to decide when you believe you have lost enough money! Yes, that’s the answer. When you make that decision that you are going to stop the habit of losing your hard-earned money, then you will decide it’s time to start winning.

I am asking you to do nothing I didn’t do myself.

I am not, however, going to ask you to do what I did to get to where I am today. I am not going to ask you to spend the best part of your next 30 years using every waking hour to manually thumb through back issues of the Sporting Life and Racing Post…

I’m not going to ask you work at every given opportunity of the day on getting to know horses, jockeys, trainers, owners, racecourses, handicap races, non handicap races, group races, graded races, maidens, novices, nurseries, weight for age races, 2 year old races, 3 year old races, all aged races, limited handicap races, conditions races, national hunt races, turf flat races and all weather races whilst holding down a day job and risking all for the love of your life, your passion, the sport of horse racing. No, I’m not going to ask you to do any of that.

Only a fool would ever attempt to learn all of the above and more especially without the aid of a computer, a laptop, a database, an iPhone, an iPad, Yes, indeed, only a fool or perhaps someone with the passion and determination to succeed in this wonderful sport that is horse racing. And yes, again, the fool was me!

Please read again the above and what I’m not asking you to do. I could have added a lot more variables but, suffice to say, all the above builds into what is known as the form book. The interpretation of the form book beats most people long term. Just when you think you’ve mastered it, the season ends! Ha!

However, when you know you’ve mastered the form book before the first entry of a new season is inputted, then you know you have that edge that everyone is looking for.

And so I say to you, directly, stop losing, stop doing what you do if you can’t win. I loathe the fact people lose their money to the hypocrites that are bookmakers. Make that decision that you have lost enough money already and it’s time for a new approach.

Change nothing and nothing changes.

It has taken me five decades to get where I am, but I am not complacent, and I am prepared to evolve as the horseracing Industry evolves. Nowadays my personal horseracing betting revolves around the better horses and the better racecourses, in the UK, France and Ireland. The form book told me so.

Do I win every bet, every race I enter into? No way. Do I win overall, long term? You bet I do!

I am proud of where horse racing has brought me to: I don’t believe I’d be the person I am without it. Lots of ups, and many downs. I look forward to the challenge of each season with great gusto and excitement, never knowing how good the year will be in terms of the horses, the races, and the financial return. This is my sport.

I believe sincerely I can help you on your journey too.

Are you prepared to be a winner?

I have done almost all of the work for you.

My Elite Racing service is the product of a lifetime learning my trade,

Give yourself a chance. Give me a chance. Make that change now, today.

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