“Seinfeld is perfect”

Reporting from Bet Chat HQ, south west London…

How was your weekend? Mine went something like this…

Get up > Dragged round shops > Many drinks > Bed > Get up > Die on the sofa for many hours > Curry and drinks > Bed.

It’s fair to say there were both highs and lows, but the one thing that kept me going through the especially dark moments of Sunday morning was Seinfeld, which I was watching for the very first time.

I realise that makes me more than a little late to the party but it’s my email newsletter and I can recommend whatever I want.

Coming up next week: The lowdown on a little known movie gem called The Godfather. Apparently there are a couple of sequels too.

Winners both sides of the Atlantic

Harry Higg’s did the business for us each-way at 100/1

As for my betting weekend, it was pretty good in the main…

Russel Yershon kicked off his free September of NFL tips with three easy winners from three selections.

Adam Cheng’s Inside Man service started the new season with a winning week. No surprise there!

And the only main selection from The Dossier’s golf strategy finished 2nd at a whopping 100/1, landing a very tasty 20/1 winner on the place part of the each-way bet.

I’d obviously recommend following all of the mentioned strategies over the coming weeks and months but of particular interest this week may well be The Dossier, with golf’s US Open teeing off this Thursday.

If you’d like to get your hands on that strategy (plus 14 others!), just click this link.

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