“Sell alert with incredible accuracy”

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“It’s not the first time, and won’t be the last time #bitcoin ?”

Those are the words of the CEO of Binance, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange.

He shared them with this image, which shows all of Bitcoin’s previous major dips…

The message is pretty clear…

Despite the recent correction in the crypto markets, Bitcoin and other cryptos have always bounced back.

And perhaps we’re already seeing this bounce…

According to CoinMarketCap the crypto markets are up nearly 10% in the last 24 hours (I’m writing this on Wednesday)…

And Bitcoin is back up trading at nearly $40,000…

This is good news, which will have many people wondering…

“Should I jump in now to profit on the way up?”

That’s what members of the Crypto With Kash group have been doing… as Lip and David say, they’re buying up more of our portfolio picks…

This is after we already locked in a 150% gain on our portfolio’s biggest holding before the correction started.

Glenda called this a “sell alert with incredible accuracy”…

And now I’m recommending members could “dollar cost average” into the markets, which is a good strategy for turbulent times.

Here’s how it works…

Instead of investing your allocation of money for a given crypto all at once, you divide that money up and invest it in smaller chunks over time.

For example, say you want to invest £100 in Bitcoin…

Instead of going all in at the current price, you would split that £100 into smaller parts and invest, say, £10 every week.

That way, you get the average price of Bitcoin over the next 10 weeks and can capitalise on any potential price drops (maybe if Elon tweets again!).

You could use this strategy with my latest pick for the Crypto With Kash portfolio.

This is a big opportunity as it’s a direct competitor to the second biggest crypto, Ethereum.

Which is why I’m recommending members allocate 10% of their portfolio to this coin.

To get my full write up, and access to all my previous recommendations, grab membership to Crypto With Kash here.

I’ll also be happy to answer any of your questions in the private Telegram group.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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