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Reporting from Bet Chat HQ, north London…

I’m not going to lie, some of the mornings over the past week and a bit have been tough…

While beer gardens are undeniably lovely things, it turns out that hangovers from all day drinking have gotten worse rather than better over the last year or so. Somebody really should do something about that.

But still, with the weather this nice the pleasure outweighs the pain, and Bet Chat Bec and I will shortly be heading off to a charming little bar overlooking a London canal.

(Big up the Narrow Boat)

Before we depart, I just wanted to send you March’s Bet Chat Fantasy Football League winners which, at 20 days late, may well be setting a new record.

The lucky pair are…

Mark Szalma whose Tony Martian FC won the month and…

David Hughes whose Daves Cheap Shots finished second.

Congrats Mark and Dave! Send an email to clients@thebetchat.com to claim your prizes.

Anyhow, we best be getting on. Why not join us in spirit by lending a helping hand to your local? The hangover will be worth it, promise!

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