The market needs a breather soon 

A broad market gap-up on Tuesday was wonderful for all of us on the long side, but the indices will need to pause very soon.

Last week’s guidance was bullish but with a slowdown soon. What happened was bullish but with a gap-up on Tuesday!

That only makes an imminent pause all the more likely now. New highs will then be likely after the next market pause.

Our Market Timing commentaries continue to excel, providing members with extraordinary accuracy, so don’t miss out.

The Main Indices

The three main indices (SPY, QQQ, DIA) are bullish but overextended. The IWM is not technically overextended but will likely behave in line with the other indices.

Market Timers

  • Longer Term Market Timer (OVIs): Yellow.
  • Medium Term Swing Timer: Overbought. 
  • Index OVIs: The four main indices all have blue OVIs.

Fast Filters Stock Selection

With many stocks looking extended there aren’t as many nuggets this week as last week. The focus for new stocks of interest will be those nearby Key Levels and exhibiting our most reliable Big Money Footprints.

Of all the Big Money Footprints, the three most important are OVIShrinking Retracements, and Key Levels. The others are also very helpful, but those three are the ones I look for first in the VIP section.

Watch the video at the foot of this email for this week’s nuggets and what my sentiment is on each one.


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We’ll have the Foundation Day online on Saturday so we can focus on more of these practicals during the event. 

Video analysis

Remember, you can play the video at 1.25x or 1.5x speed if you want to save time!

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