The Sunday Scoop

If there’s one thing guaranteed to improve our investing skills, it’s reading as much as possible about the field that we want to be proficient in.

For me, that field is obviously cryptocurrency, but I know that for you it could be a huge number of different areas and so, each Sunday, I share some articles of interest that can help to improve your understanding of some of these areas and, ultimately, help you make more money from them!

I also try to ensure that there’s a mix of content for beginners, pros and everyone in between.

🍦 First up this week is another delve into Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter. Has he ‘bought’ free speech? This author thinks so.

🍦 Also non-crypto but fascinating is this look at the strange world of hole in one insurance.

🍦 Back to more familiar shores next with a piece explaining DeFi lending protocol Aave. You can read it here.

🍦 The world of NFTs isn’t going anywhere either, with this article looking at how the latest Bored Ape drop crashed the entire Ethereum blockchain.

Speaking of which, and lastly for today, a question for you…

🍦 Q: Should we create an NFT?

Just reply YES or NO to hello@marketprospectors.com with your answer.

That’s all from me for now. Have a great Sunday and I’ll be back in your inbox – perhaps with news of that NFT! – next week.

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