The worst bet of all time (plus overdue FF winners)

In a moment I’ll announce the March (and February, oops) winners of our Bet Chat Fantasy Football competition but, before that, I just wanted to share with you the worst bet I’ve ever seen…

These are the prices for first, last and anytime goalscorers before the Liverpool v Manchester United match last night.

For the uninitiated, Ramses Alisson (or just Alisson, as he’s better known) is a goalkeeper. As in he keeps goal, wears goalie gloves, and spends the vast majority of each match in his own box. 

Harry Maguire is a defender who also comes up for corners and attacking free kicks.

Personally, I think the Maguire first/last price was quite good (he’s scored 7 goals for club and country since last summer’s Euros) but that’s by the by…

Alisson Becker, a goalkeeper, with one – admittedly very good and important – goal in 280 appearances for club and country was just 50/1 to score first (bear in mind that in the highly unlikely scenario that he did score, it would almost certainly be in the last minute of the game) and 14/1 (FOURTEEN TO ONE) to score at any time.

Now, I don’t especially like the term ‘mug bet’ as it’s more than a little condescending, but that 14/1 any time really is the epitome of a mug bet… 

It’s there solely to attract those people who really shouldn’t be betting, who have a vague memory of Alisson scoring his only other goal and wanted a ‘fun’ bet.

You could say shame on the bookie for having the cheek to offer it but, really, it’s shame on anyone daft enough to have taken it!

Those fantasy football winners

Anyway, before I forget all over again, here are the fantasy football winners for February and March…

David Fugill’s Hull City Rollers took February with 360 points, while Dylan Brock’s ShawThing FC finished 2nd on 326 points.

Paul Percox’s Perkys performers won March with 268 points, while Kevin Haselden’s Red Marauders finished 2nd on 262 points.

Congratulations to David, Dylan, Paul and Kevin! If you email clients@thebetchat.com we’ll sort out your prizes.

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