“This was a good choice”

Reporting from a Korean Eatery, central London… 

Say what you like about London (and many do) but I truly believe it’s unrivalled when it comes to variety and quality of dining options.

Sure, the very best French restaurants might be in France, the very best Spanish in Spain and the very best Korean in Korea, but in London you’ll get something damn close to the best for all of those cuisines, plus countless more besides.

Today our old friend, Eat Out to Help Out, has been utilised again, with a Korean eatery the benefactor… The food, top notch. The portion sizes, too large if anything.

That, combined with another day of sticky heat, makes Josh a tired boy.

Each-way pay-day

My snooker each-way shout may have come a cropper last night, with Maflin never quite able to claw back the advantage he handed McGill in the first session, but I hope that it did at least open a few eyes to the benefits of placing each-way bets on something other than horseracing.

Most major sports tournaments these days don’t have a round by round draw and instead the entire draw is mapped out before the first round…

As a result, more often than not, one half of the draw is significantly weaker than the other and yet that generally doesn’t tend to be reflected in the outright winner odds.

This brings each-way betting nicely into the mix, with a runner up paying 1/3 the outright odds, which means a juicy 16/1 shot will pay out just over 5/1 even if it loses in the final and a 3/1 shot provides money back insurance if you back a favourite and they fall at the final hurdle.

Even more interesting is when you reach a quarter-final and the each-way option is still available. That was the case with Maflin and is also the case with the Champions League quarter-finals which start tonight.

I’ve just placed a chunky bet on that very competition but, alas, I can’t share it with you here, as it was a selection by our pro football bettor, Adam Cheng.

If you’d like to know what it is, you can give Adam’s service a try by clicking this link.

Or, if you think you know best, cast your vote in this Bet Chat poll. All right answers will win our eternal love and respect.

POLL: Who will win the Champions League?

?? ??? ???!
(Translation: All the best)

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