Thomas Henry Alex knows more than just how to score goals

Better known as Hal Robson-Kanu.

If you’re Welsh, you’ll remember his awesome Cruyff turn goal in the Euro 2016 quarter-finals.

If you’re not, and if you have no interest in football, then you’ve likely never heard of him.

But you may be hearing more about his company The Turmeric Co seeing as the likes of Whole Foods are now selling the supplement ‘shots’ he co-produced.

A smart anti-SOMBIE is Hal.

Even though I’m guessing he’s earned well during his career, he clearly sees that his time outside of training and matches is better spent building up additional income streams, not playing Fifa on the Playstation for eight hours a day.

I’m guessing he’s being paid tens of thousands a week, but as professional sporting careers are pretty short, Robson-Kanu has taken the wise decision to no longer be Salary Only, Must Be Income Exposed (SOMBIE). In fact it looks like he’s currently without a club, but whereas David James had to keep playing due to some suspect financial management skills, Hal has no such concerns.

If his company does well, as a recent City AM article implies – he’ll be able to pay himself a salary, dividends, and possibly get a big payday down the line if they sell the company.

If at the same time he’s kept his expenses down to a manageable level, he’ll have a nice life after football.

And not be forced to go bankrupt, sell all of his medals (or end up in court like former Crystal Palace striker Neil Shipperley – if you want a tale of two very different careers).

How many additional income streams do you have outside of a salary?

And if the answer is zero, don’t you think you should address that?

Starting a new business isn’t easy, and you might think there are better ways to generate a second income.

Or you might think; if Hal/Thomas can do it…

The other thing he had was the ability to take action, both in front of goal and in business, you’ll need a similar ability to be sure to get in before the genuine deadline this Sunday evening.

Go here to find out more.

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