What if you could be a pro bettor… without being a pro bettor

Everybody wants to be a professional bettor, right? A significant tax-free year on year income doing nothing but backing your sporting predictions. It’s the dream!

The problem is that there are huge obstacles, irrespective of whether you try to become a pro yourself, or simply follow tips sent out by a pro.

If you take the former option:

  • It’s incredibly difficult! There’s a reason so few people are able to do it. You have to put in a huge amount of work to get the knowledge to know what constitutes value and that’s just the starting point!
  • Even if you acquire that knowledge, you then have to be available at all hours to place bets before the odds shift, and you have to have the mental strength to keep going through bad runs and not chase your losses or question your strategy. This is especially difficult if you only specialise in one area of betting and, realistically, that’s going to be the case, as one person can only do so much.

If you take the latter option:

  • You first have to find a genuinely good pro bettor (no mean feat!) and ideally one that is profitable to Betfair prices, as we all know that normal bookie accounts don’t last that long when you start profiting from them.
  • Even if you manage that, you then have to make sure you’re around to place the bets pretty much as soon as they are released to ensure that the odds don’t move against you. That’s not easy if you’re retired and even harder if you have a full-time job or other daily commitments.
  • You also have to pay tipster fees, which is fine during winning months, but losing runs are inevitable and it can be tough to keep paying fees while also going through one of those runs.

We’re about to change all of that

Here at the Bet Chat, we’re well aware of those difficulties and that’s why we’ve developed something new and, I think, incredibly exciting.

This new service contains three key aspects that, combined, are unique in the betting world, and could genuinely revolutionise your betting life.

  1. The service provides a complete portfolio, containing four proven bettors across five different sports, and when I say proven, I mean it. These aren’t new faces with shiny trial track records that could do well but could more likely bomb, these are people with years of live tipping experience and the consistently profitable track records to back it up. Three of the four aren’t people that I currently work with, but they’ve taken the decision to sign up because they’re so excited about the project.
  2. Once a new member signs up and spends around 5-10 minutes completing a few simple set-up steps they don’t need to do anything else. I mean it, absolutely nothing. They don’t have to place bets, they don’t have to open emails, they don’t have to turn their computer on, they don’t have to lift a finger!
  3. Aside from a very affordable sign-up fee and a tiny £24 annual maintenance fee (only payable after year one), members only pay anything further if they have made a profit. Plus, that’s not just any profit, that’s a small percentage of at least £1,000 profit (and more if you choose a higher starting bank).

More details incoming

Over the next few days, I’ll be sending you some more details about this opportunity, including the chance to sign up to a free live webinar where you can hear about all the nuts and bolts, ask any questions, and sign up to the service.

This is the most unique and potentially transformative betting service I’ve ever been involved with, and I hope that you’ll be as excited as I am about it once you have all the information.

Keep an eye on that inbox!

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