What’s an opportunity and what’s a moonshot?

Quick Espanol lesson for you first, did you know that the vast majority of English words which end ‘ity’ are translated into Spanish simply by changing ‘ity’ to ‘idad’?

You might need to learn the odd verb to turn that knowledge into a sentence, but it’s a new opportunidad for you to expand your skills today!

Opportunities in terms of generating income are literally everywhere, especially if you spend a bunch of hours down Facebook and YouTube rabbit holes clicking on all those ads that come up.

Getting rich quick is a scam, plain and simple.

Becoming wealthy for sure, and giving yourself time freedom in the process however, isn’t.

You just need to know the difference between an opportunity and a moonshot.

Opportunities will earn you 10% a year on your savings, if you’re lucky (a lot of which will probably be involved).

They will also likely reduce your capital at times, which kinda defeats the object of compounding these savings as certain books might have taught you.

Moonshots on the other hand will probably include a liquidation event, and could even cover off your monthly outgoings before that momentous day if it’s in the form of your own business or one where you own sizeable equity.

Down this path you’ve been able to pay your bills, put some money aside for a rainy day, but you’re not having to play the stock market game.

Sounds pretty good, right.

Just make sure you’re comfortable with delayed gratification, as it could take years before you achieve the liquidation event which transforms your net worth and makes you wealthy for sure.

People in our community are achieving, have achieved, and are looking for moonshots to get involved with – and you could be a part of that if you so desire.

The One Funnel Away challenge is one of the tools that can be used to add rocket fuel to your moonshot attempt, for just $100.

The smart cookies who took advantage of that promotion a few weeks ago are already halfway through and making the most of the training on offer.

What does your next moonshot look like? Let me know by emailing hello@marketprospectors.com.

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