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Why did the Betting Rant shut down?

If you’re reading this page there’s a good chance that you are a former reader of the Betting Rant, an e-letter and website published by Market Breakers Ltd.

The Betting Rant ran for 10 years from January 2010 to January 2020 (we like to do things with a sense of symmetry here!) and was hugely popular, with 50,000+ subscribers for much of that time. We also had a pool of premium tipping services – the best of which have followed us across to Bet Chat.

So, if all was good, why did it shut down?

Well, this was the decision of the parent company, a huge global entity called Agora. Founded in the US, Agora is an information publishing company which specialises in providing investment advice – stock picks, financial trading systems, that sort of thing. Sports betting was never more than a tiny part of their global operation (indeed Market Breakers was the only offshoot of its kind) and so when Agora decided to simplify its business and focus on its core activity of investment newsletters, it was Market Breakers that they decided to step back from.

It’s important to say that this was done on good terms and with the Market Breakers business performing positively in its final year. The closure enabled all parties to have a clean break and has enabled the Bet Chat team to take the very best qualities of Market Breakers and the Betting Rant and build on them further.

The core team here is the same as the core team then and our aim now is to create an even more transparent, user friendly and subscriber focused platform.

So, it’s a case of onwards and upwards as far as we’re concerned and we’re all really excited about this new chapter. We’d also love to hear from you if you’d like to help us shape Bet Chat into the best platform it can possibly be. Full info on how you can get in touch can be found on our Contact Us page – we look forward to hearing from you.

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