“Winner winner, chicken dinner”

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Reporting from The Pub, south-west London… 

As Mel Gee would say, it’s time to order a big chicken for the weekend… our Free Tip of the Week has won yet again. 

This week it was the turn of The Dossier, with a 15/8 selection from strategy 14. That horse won cosily enough and, given it’s just one selection from just one of 15 strategies, just imagine how many winners the rest of the compendium could land you!

To get hold of the full package, click this link.

Signing off

All in all I’d say it’s been another successful week in Bet Chat land…

We’ve ramped up the free content (which I hope you’re enjoying), landed our sixth Free Tip of the Week winner from the last seven weeks AND somehow avoided getting heatstroke.  

Quite frankly we’ve earned our early Friday afternoon pints and so, with that, Josh and Bet Chat Bec are signing off. 

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