$11,300 in 17 days

So here is a question… how much easier would life be if we just knew when the crypto markets were going to make a move?

One of the difficulties you have with the crypto markets is that they are extremely volatile and often by the time you figure out what is driving the directional momentum, the moves have already been and gone, meaning you have missed out on valuable profits.

Well, what if there was a tool that could help you identify the volatility early? What if there was a way of catching these moves? It would make trading these markets significantly easier.

The great news is that whilst browsing through the charts looking for opportunities with our new Market Edge indicators, I opened Bitcoin and realised that not only was it fantastic at highlighting FX trades, but it was pretty useful when applied to Cryptos as well.

Look at the chart below…

As you can see the market bottomed on the 20th of July, the Market Edge highlighted up an early Buy opportunity on the 21st of Jul, then 23rd of July the longer term Buy signals started to trigger, meaning even if you were super conservative, you still would have got in at $33,700, at the time of writing the price sits at $45,000, which is a fantastic gain of $11,300 in just 2 weeks.

If you are wondering whether this was a one off, a lucky break, I am pleased to tell you that it isn’t. 

The Market Edge indicators even picked up the big sell off back on the 12th of May…

… and as well as giving us an early Buy signal for the year-end rally of 2020, you can also see that it picked out the dip buying opportunities on the way up as well.

We are not saying that the Market Edge is a silver bullet that will do all the trading for you. As a trader it is still your responsibility to pull the trigger and manage your trades, but as far as identifying high probability trades and giving you entry signals, I can honestly say that I have never been as impressed as I am right now by what this suite of indicators is able to do!

Have a good day and happy trading!

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