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This is it… important answers to your questions inside

We’ve been talking about it all week, and I’m delighted to announce that the launch of the TCM Market Edge is TOMORROW! Friday 17th September.

Not sure if you can tell, but we are ridiculously excited about what comes next, and you should be too. 

We’ve had A LOT of emails asking questions about our brand-new indicator, ranging from the strike rate… to how many trades the indicator throws out. So, in today’s email I want to give you some concise and measured answers to the questions that we’ve received.

Ok here goes:

What is the risk versus reward for the trades?

1:1 Risk / Reward Ratio.

One of the beta testers had a strike rate of 72%, but what is the official strike rate, and how far back do the results go?

The official strike rate is just above 70% based on GBP/USD, EUR/USD, AUD/USD and USD/JPY going back to January 2019. A total of 384 trades taken.

How long did the beta testers trade for?

Four weeks, after four days of preparation.

How many of the 20 ended the test phase in profit?

16 out of the 20 ended profitable.

How many trades are there per month?

Across the major pairs, you’d be looking at 13 to 18 trades per month. Although it should be noted that some months are quieter than others hence the distribution will see months with more and some months with less trades.

What time frame are trades taken on?

4-hour time frame. You can apply this to different time frames, it is just for the majority of our community this will be the most suitable.

Does the TCM Market Edge take trades for you?

No. The indicator analyses the markets for you and highlights the high probability trades, but you have to place the trade yourself.

Do you need additional tools, and are there additional hidden costs?

No, the indicator has been programmed so we can give you access via TradingView (charting platform). You can access this platform at no cost.

Do you need any trading experience to make the most of this service?

Absolutely not. The TCM Market Edge does everything. You just have to click buy or sell when the signal is given.

Does the indicator compliment the ACTP trading approach?

Yes, it absolutely does. The TCM will improve your timing when approaching grid S/R levels and will give you added confidence in your fundamental view.

How long will the special promotional offer be available for, and once it finishes will the indicator be available in future?

The special promotional offer will last for three weeks or until we have 200 members onboard, whichever one comes first. We are limiting the uptake to 200 people for this special promotional period due to technical and support reasons.

In terms of future availability – yes, but not on the same special terms. The TCM Market Edge has been ‘licensed’ by two large affiliates, so there will be a standard offer across the board once this launch comes to an end.

Ok, I hope this brings a bit of clarity to what the TCM Market Edge Indicator is all about. If you are looking for a trading tool that will allow you to generate profits from the markets from the get-go, please do not miss this opportunity.

It all kicks off tomorrow and remember there are only 200 licenses being sold initially, so be ready!

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